Save on marketing costs

Save on marketing costs.

You want to grow your business, right?

If the answer is no, I guess you’re not against increasing profits?

The one activity that has the most to contribute towards the growth of any business is it’s Marketing. But looking at another way it is also often considered as one of the major uncontrolled costs.

Whatever this size, all businesses are guilty of wasting time and money on marketing campaigns that are poorly thought through or just plain wrong. See if you recognize any of the following;

• You decide to fork out on advertising because you’ve got a really ‘special’, ‘once in a lifetime’ deal, and just think what you might be missing
• Company communications just don’t feel right, and even you wouldn’t recognize your business from them
• Customers are leaving and you don’t know why
• An amazing web-site…….that nobody visits
• Your selling messages can’t be delivered on or you seem to be targeting a market need that just doesn’t exist
• Deciding to exhibit at that really expensive tradeshow again, you know the one where you never get any leads from
• Re-doing a mail shot because it didn’t work the first time
• Lots of sales visits to people who will never buy from you
• And the list goes on……

Don’t manage ‘marketing’ by hope combined with random decisions about where to spend money. Decide to only commit to a marketing cost if you can clearly articulate why and the business upside or improvement it delivers on.

So does any of this strike a cord? Yes? Well it’s time to change the way you do marketing

It’s time to develop your very own marketing strategy; making sure it totally reflects what you are about. It must focus on matching your very unique strengths to the customers who will want to buy from you most and deliver on where you want to take the business. When you understand the real gems of benefits within your business you can shout about them in the right places and start setting those very important goals which advance them further or fill those critical gaps that are holding you back.

After strategy and clear goals comes the marketing plan to detail what sales and marketing activities are a priority for your business and their impact on growth or productivity. The other major advantage of having a clear strategy first is how easy it becomes to decide what activities not to bother with!

If you need help sign up for one of our marketing workshops at the Harborough Innovation Centre.


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